About My 10 min Coach and who its for.

I will try to briefly tell you about my 10 min coach and who can benefit from it. It’s for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their life. Each of us has a unique destiny and often we feel lost in knowing what our purpose is. Everything we have created and provide here @ My 10 min Coach is dedicated to awakening the passion and deep caring¬† within you, aligning you with what most fulfills you. We have found that this unfolds when you begin to ‘See Yourself Loving’.

Life is full of challenges and opportunities and we often miss out on what is possible for us because we are caught in unresolved emotional events from the past that are being projected into now.

Clearing and cleansing those irrational limiting beliefs is an essential part of moving forward to create the life you want. And re-aligning with your true nature to see yourself as a “creator in training” that we all are, is another part. To See Yourself differently you must first choose to engage with your life now, and imagine yourself differently!

We have given countless classes over the years and done seminars across the country but until we stepped back ourselves to really look within, did we see what was really important.¬† And that’s when we realized that what we had been creating was to be shared in as many ways as possible so that the most amount of people would have access to use what we had learned.

We had discovered that indeed we are all the same! Yes we experience life differently through our individual personalities, but fundamentally we are the same. And here are the tools, not just the concepts, to expand your unique life to encompass all that you desire. The keys are all within each of us. Unlocking the doors to our own fulfillment is what My10minCoach offers.

Below the Heart is a link to an article by Bodie entitled “Its all the Same”

The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving" and Live the Promise of your life.