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  1. Level One Creator Profile Generator: Each profile you generate is one of a kind. Your profile comes with simple heart-felt exercises and 16 meditations. Your profile reveals areas that you may have emotional blocks & reveals creative opportunities to release those blocks & open to receive
  2. (4) Different 'See Yourself' Meditations
  3. Random Selector & 16 'Doors of Perception' Meditations
  4. Level One S.A.M.E (Self Awareness Made Easy) Printable workbook
  5. Access to the Video Libraries
  6. Audio #1 of 33 Your Stairway to Heaven meditative exercise
  7. Members Blog Content
  8. See Yourself Loving Conference Calls (May. 2017)
  9. *Bonus - Level One Merkabah Activation Program

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[A Lifetime of resources to Uplift, Inspire and Encourage you!]

  1. 33 See Yourself Loving Audio classes: ‘Your Stairway to Heaven’ These meditation exercises are a perfect place to start your journey thru each of the experiences offered @ My10minCoach.com. There are 33 steps in Your Stairway to Heaven series that share each of the 32 steps of your own personal Stairway. Each of the ones to follow are all designed to familiarize you with the basic 32 elements of Oracle of the Heart. The first mp3 is under 7 minutes and all 32 others that will be put up on regular intervals will be around 5 minutes each.

The threads that weave through each of these help define all our relationships; to ourselves and with one another. They are about how what we create in our lives is reflected in our relationship with our self.  Most of all they are about our current need to realize our purpose by shifting from seeing ourselves as defensive physical beings to the realization that we are loving eternal souls occupying physical bodies. To 'See Yourself Loving' is essential to not only your happiness but that of us all!

  1. 128 ‘Doors of Perception’ 10 minute heartfelt and deeply personal meditative exercises. These meditations are derived from a universal healing ritual and ancient systems of understanding consciousness that reveal 128 creative perceptions that we all share but experience in our own unique ways. These dynamic meditations meld the knowledge honed from these ancient teachings and rituals to reveal and help release judgements and self-doubts embedded within our past experiences and relationships that have created irrational beliefs within us. These 128 - 10 min exercises help clear what may currently be blocking or distorting your creative potential and holding you back. The insights are brought forth from your own life experiences, but through the meditative exercise are seen and felt differently. Often in sessions we have received looks of amazement and exclamations like “That’s exactly what I’m going through right now”, and yet it became clear to from a past experience I was guided to and now can see the blessing of how to handle whats going on now!

We provide a random selector also so at the click of a button you can allow spirit or the universe to choose which of the 128 ‘Doors of Perception’ is meant for you at any giving moment. It is a great way to realize the perfection that is always present when we are open to receive it.

  1. 33 ‘See Yourself Meditations’: These See Yourself Meditation exercises compliment the Doors of Perception meditations by helping redistribute the creative awareness released by its 128 exercises. On their own these See Yourself Meditations reestablish natural, healthy creative patterns that we are born with. Traumatic experiences which we struggle to resolve distort our natural creative patterns mostly by activating our defenses. Our defensive barriers isolate and alienate us from one another and from our own true self. In these unique 10 minute meditations, you move your awareness to reconnect fragmented neural pathways that render us creatively impotent. While the Doors of Perception exercises help us to heal our personal traumas our See Yourself Meditations reconnect and redistribute the energies within us, liberating us to live and be who we truly are: Loving.                [these also range from 7 - 9 minutes each]
  2. 8 S.A.M.E. (Self Awareness Made Easy) See Yourself Journals: These printable PDF's offer those working with the ‘Doors of Perception’ opportunities to reflect deeply on the 16 perceptions associated with each of our eight chakra energy centers. Journaling your new insights that you receive from within will help you to be more present and able to release self-doubts, judgements and fears embedded within past perceptions. Releasing our self-doubts and negative states of mind enables us to know and manifest what we truly want. Each journal aids in simply reflecting and recording your perceptions, and to create a personal record of your journey for you to reflect on the progress you’re making.
  3. See Yourself Visual (Flash) Meditations” are visual silent exercises requiring “Flash”. Each visual exercise guides us to see ourselves breathing through the chakras and perceptions My 10 min Coach are based on. These visual meditations will train you to see and feel the contents of My 10 min Coach exercises to increase the benefits you receive from them.
    Breathing is central to all forms of meditation and spiritual exercises because we breathe both consciously and subconsciously. Breathing provides an inner bridge between our conscious mind and subconscious heart. So simultaneously breathing, seeing, feeling and affirming our inner dimensions naturally unifies our heart and mind, to channel our Highest Self. [Apple products need to download a flash player from your app store to view these. However, we have also provided a video experience that moves one thru breathing thru the chakras for those who do not have flash player.]
  4. 8 Eight “Heart Dances” Classes are informative and insightful and have 8 unique meditative exercises to help center, focus and attune to your true nature. These were first recorded nearly twenty years ago while searching for new ways to experience Oracle of the Heart, this ancient inner technology, that My 10 min Coach experiences are based on. These meditative exercises produce deep states of inner peace by alternately affirming the opposites within us. In these simple exercises, we align with the cosmic law that unifies Male + Female, Day + Night, Yin + Yang, Hot + Cold etc. These effective balancing experiences of inner peace are for those who want a longer meditative experience (classes are 45- meditations are approx. 20 min).
    In these Heart Dances we simply move our awareness through the energy systems within our eight chakra centers. Each of these energy systems forms a cross. Our base chakra’s energy cross for example is made of “Receiving, Giving, Wanting and Letting-go”. You can easily feel this Heart Dance by affirming and breathing this energy cross like so, “I am Receiving (in breath), I am Giving (out breath), I am Wanting (in) and I am letting-go (out)”. Moving your awareness through this inner cross to feel its energies. Uniting these opposites within you generates energies the are very similar to how warm and cool air unite to create storms.
  5. 12 Angels of the Merkaba Meditations & 10 power packed Classes: An experientially dynamic series created to share the inner technology & structure of human consciousness, and how attuning to the 32 pure human aspects within us all naturally activates our Merkabah energy field. This geometrically perfect form is present around us always but for it to spin in balance we too need to be in balance. Otherwise we are on a constant emotional roller coaster.
  6. "The Game” in My 10 min Coach can improve relationships; at work, at home and socially. Playing provides rich guiding insights that may have eluded you. Contrary to what most of us believe bigger isn’t better or more powerful. Where human consciousness is concerned our most subtle and complex patterns are the most potent and focusing on the big stuff makes us ineffective creators. The “Game” reveals subtle creative patterns of awareness which define the soul of our unique reality expanding our awareness of ourselves and others. It is also a great way to introduce children and young adults to something that is inspiring and uplifting. It helps build self-esteem and trust in ones’ divine inner knowing. It encourages creative responsibility & affirms life as the gift that it is.

  7. Reality Remodels Series: A 64 Week program series with instructions and daily meditations. This is a quick yet powerful way that a 20-minute per day commitment will give you multiple opportunities to remodel your reality. This is one of the easiest and perhaps the most profound series we have created to date. If you are short on time but want to do the work to live your life in a fulfilling way this series is for you!
  8. 8 Merkabah Activation Programs Courses: A powerful interpretation and practical application of the importance of consciously working with the elements of your own consciousness in ways that create balance, harmony and peace in your life. Everything we do, mentally, emotionally, and physically has an effect spiritually. Being aligned with what is for the Highest Good aligns you with your unique creative potential and fulfillment. Each level of this series offers insight and exercises empowering you to live life with passion, focus and caring, and all while releasing karmic patterns!
  9. 8 Creator Profile Generators: There are 8 levels of consciousness within our system created from Oracle of the Heart. Each of the 8 levels have 16 unique perceptions associated with them that we all have yet experience differently. Each time you generate a profile, you are accessing what the universe or spirit deems is for the highest good to focus on in that moment. We provide a random selector for you to choose which of the eight levels to work on & of course you can allow your intuition to guide you.
  10. Rich Text and a Video Series on The Mystical Aspects of the Lord’s Prayer
  11. The Way Forward is Within Programs: There are 9 of these unique and highly experiential home study programs and each one takes you on an in depth look into the mystical aspects of the Lord's Prayer, how it relates to you and humanity, and weaves other ancient teachings from the Maya, the Hindu, and Sacred Geometry while providing opportunities to experience yourself and your life in new ways. We look forward to hearing your experiences of them.
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The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving" and Live the Promise of your life.