4. About Bodie McCoy

MY STORY: by Bodie McCoy

I was born in 1949 amidst post WWII optimism. My mother and father were the first in their families to have college educations and they believed to live my best life I also needed a college education. When I was 5 their enthusiasm for school assured me it would help me find my special purpose. But my first day of kindergarten and every school day for the next 13 years was painfully disappointing.

School wasn’t what I’d hoped for and I wasn’t what my teachers hoped for. 30 seconds into a text book or lecture would literally launch me into an altered state. If I’d believed in the perfection of my life I might have seen how school actually was pointing me toward my purpose. My disappointment in school was eclipsed by my parent’s disappointment in me. My failure to get good grades often made our dinner table a very unpleasant place.

On my forth birthday in 1953, with a theater full of enthusiastic children I wholeheartedly recited Peter Pan’s oath to never grow up. This seed was planted in countless “baby-boomers” and it germinated within us until the late 60s. When it was our time to “grow up”, we just said “No”. Briefly we created our own “Never Land”. Our motto was “Make love not war”, our symbol stood for peace and we even discovered magical pixie-dust drugs called Psychedelics.

make-love-not-warUnited unconsciously by Peters oath we refused to kill and rejected societies’ logical, left-brain adult values. On the way to our revolution Peter’s oath strengthened us to follow our hearts. For me this strength came from years of disappointing the people I loved and needed most. I believe it was Peters oath that enabled me to accept the labels of uncooperative, underachieving and rebellious as the costs of following my own heart.

When I was 17 I met my kindergarten teacher again for the first time in 12 years. She hadn’t changed much and when I told her who I was she looked me straight in the eyes. She said, “I thought you’d be dead or in prison by now”. As strange as that sounds her words were prophetic. Over the next few years my passions for surfing, drugs, smuggling, fast cars and extremes in general would indeed bring me near to death and or prison on numerous occasions.

In 1970, when the 60s were over most of my friends were going back to school or getting “real jobs”. 1970 is when I began to pay for years of nonstop partying. I was 5’ 11”, 21 years old and weighed just 94 lbs. That was the year when my psychedelic induced spiritual quest because very real. After 2 years of struggling in 1972 I started binging on sweets and doubled my weight from 110 lbs. to 220 lbs. 1972 was also the year I started therapy. Four years’, thousands of hours and many thousands of dollars later I was stronger, healthier, wiser, deeply dedicated to being my best self and determined to find a better way.

A year and a half later in 1977 I met Barbara and by 1982 we had four children. I was struggling with marriage and fatherhood and desperately needing to remember my seemingly forgotten purpose. Then I remembered “The Lord’s Prayer”. I now believe taking Peter Pan’s oath when I was 4 enabled me to see Jesus’ oath as a magical formula. Now at the age of 33 my experiences with metaphysical studies, therapies, meditations, spiritual healers, spiritual teachers and spiritual practices enabled me to see what made that prayer magical. It contained an ancient spiritual technology for awakening the creator within us.

I spent the next few years contemplating this technology and wondering what I could do with it. I could feel it unlocking my own potential and was eager to share it. I envisioned an oracle-like-game. I discovered how applying synchronicity to this technology revealed valuable personal insights into deeper magical realities embedded within our ordinary ones. Over the next few years my determination to refine this “game” led me to Temple of the Sun and the Sun Cross Codex in Palenque Mexico. That codex was another expression of the same technology found in the Lord’s Prayer. It also provided theultimate game-board for playing this “game”.

The Sun Cross Codex clearly revealed how ‘The Light’ creates us with a conscious, subconscious and supper conscious mind. It showed how the light manifests through our 8 chakras like the color spectrum of a rainbow and our chakras as 8 energy systems, of 4 crossing and unifying human dimensions, our 4 perceptions of those 19-codexdimension and our 4 relationships with each of our 128 perceptions. Applying synchronicity to this intricate inner-game-board reveals the precise chakra, dimension, perception and relationship, which was currently shaping or misshaping our realities.

A young Mayan artist from whom we purchased a replica of this codex described the initiatory ceremony at its center. What he told us was identical to what we saw in the Lord’s Prayer. Applying that sacred ritual to this information which our new game-board provided produced deeply healing, timely and creatively empowering experiential insights. These sacred inner rituals revealed pearls of true purpose. Harvesting these unclaimed pearls from our fragmented memories and stringing them together illuminated the unique gifts that we all have to offer.

In 1994 playing this “game” enabled me to recall a long forgotten memory when I was 2 ½ years-old. My mother was depressed, I believed it was my fault and was desperate to know what I’d done so I could make it better. This game also helped me to see how these feeling of irrational guilt for something I was unaware of had permeated all my most important relationships. As an adult I knew how my mother had dropped out of college, abandoning her dreams when she got pregnant with me. Obviously this wasn’t my fault.

It was the failure of our deeply prejudice culture, which even now fears the natural miraculous power of women. To not recognize motherhood as the most miraculous, important and honorable job of all goes way beyond absurd. Remembering how my mother had sent me to my room that day, yelling “Just wait until you grow up then you’ll know how hard it is”, enabled me to appreciate why I’d embraced Peter Pan’s oath so enthusiastically.

I saw how Peter’s oath prepared me for Jesus’ oath enabling me to discover the ancient technology, which is the foundation of my life’s work. Playing this game helped me appreciate how my painful relationships with my mother and others had prepared and motivated me to realize my purpose. Enabling me to feel sincere be grateful for so many previously crippling memories was deeply empowering. My life literally changed overnight as I was touched so deeply and personally by the healing power of this ancient technology.

For the next 10 years I continued sharing this truly magical game with thousands of people privately, in classes and seminars. This was deeply rewarding. When the internet and mobile devices began changing our world so dramatically I thought I was done. I couldn’t see how to translate what I’d been doing in person for so many years into this new world. Traveling so much was no longer an option and I was enjoying an early retirement at the beach. Then one of our children had a traumatic event happen that changed everything. Suddenly our bright, promising and talented child who we loved and admired literally seemed to disappear right before our eyes. Barbara, myself and our whole family were all deeply shaken. This deeply confusing, heart wrenching experience compelled us to seek answers to what no one seems to yet understand.

My ignorance made me feel vulnerable and ineffective. Discovering how our culture’s primary solution, to what we now know is a rapidly growing plague, is drugs with dangerous side effects, homelessness and prisons amplified my discomfort. Our son needed help that cost over $50,000 a month. Just to keep him off the street, out of prison and out of harms way would require some real miracles. To meet his needs and ours, to accomplish these impossible tasks, I went deep within myself, and what manifested was nearly 30 years of work being refined into a series of 128 10 minute audio exercises. With these simple exercises we were able to find peace and balance within our heart wrenching storm. Sharing them with others to help balance and heal the traumas in their lives has been heart warming.

The thermodynamic law of entropy and spiritual masters agree: everything in the physical world is in constant decline except energy or spirit, which cannot be destroyed. Everything you have can and will be taken from you except for one thing; your spiritual freedom to decide how you will respond to every situation. Children play freely, express openly, learn from their mistakes and grow quickly. Identifying with our physical bodies, survival instincts and how other people see us ultimately dims our light. My 10 min Coach exercises will enable you to reclaim what you’ve lost by guiding you to ‘See Yourself Loving’ as you truly and originally are.

Dedicated to Living Love,



The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving" and Live the Promise of your life.